Blume Global: Defining Supply Chain Visibility

CIO Vendor Businesses are spreading across the globe, and so are their supply chains. In retail, supply chains are growing more complex and lead times are becoming a matter of serious concern. Amidst this notion, supply chain visibility becomes a key topic of discussion in board rooms. The demand for supply chain visibility hits all supply chain stakeholders. The significant rise in e-Commerce is driving the need for domestic (internal India) visibility for consumers, e-tailers and manufacturers. Extending his thoughts on the current scenario of the supply chain in India, industry veteran Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global Inc, says, "Businesses are feeling pressure from the Amazon Effect, with consumers demanding complete, real-time visibility into their purchases and constantly asking two questions - 'Where is my order? When will it arrive?' While consumers are looking for shipment transparency, e-tailers need this visibility too; the inability for fulfilment center inventories to keep pace with demand is requiring visibility into shipments originating in factories around the world. Factories in India need visibility into incoming raw materials and component parts manufactured both domestically and internationally. Visibility into cargo arriving at airports, seaports and rail ramps in India is important to trucking companies so that they can work to alleviate congestion and ensure cargo is picked-up and delivered to final destinations (factories and fulfilment centers) as soon as possible".

On the flipside, there is a robust market for shipment visibility in the US, primarily in trucking, and these players have just started to turn their attention to providing visibility for multimodal, international moves. Blume Global has been in the international market since the beginning, striving to eliminate gaps in visibility for all supply chain stakeholders the world over, no matter the mode.

Based out of Pleasanton, California, Blume Global is a leader in international and intermodal supply chain visibility. A supply chain technology provider, Blume Global offers solutions ranging from real-time visibility and execution to transportation management systems. The company is creating a global supply chain ecosystem powered by a digital operating platform that allows all players in the supply chain to work together collaboratively and fluidly. To reach this goal, every supply chain partner must be a member of the ecosystem. To that end, Blume Global is democratizing technology, making sure even the smallest companies benefit from technology used by the largest corporations. Democratizing technology also means that there is no offshore. Logistics is global, and each part of the industry is a valuable component in a functioning supply chain. Blume connects logistics service providers, carriers and shippers with orchestrated logistics execution and visibility solutions to help them make data-driven supply chain decisions, no matter the mode.

Beyond Visibility
Blume Global is fueled by three pillars: financial, environmental and social. On the financial side, the firm is working to eliminate $1 trillion in waste from the supply chain. Environmentally, Blume Global is committed to increasing the sustainability of the global supply chain by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its customers. Blume Global's most recent achievement, and one that speaks volumes about the brilliance of Blume Global as a company, is its carbon-neutral recognition. To achieve carbon neutrality, Blume partnered with a leading climate solutions provider to analyze Blume's carbon footprint and offset greenhouse gas emissions.

The firm has offset Blume's carbon footprint for 2021, but that's just the beginning. Blume is developing a greenhouse gas emission reduction plan that covers direct and indirect emissions from sources Blume owns or controls, as well as emissions related to company activities such as travel, commuting and waste disposal. The plan will be audited annually. Finally, on the social side, the company, as mentioned earlier, is democratizing access to technology so that every player in the supply chain, no matter how small, can experience the benefits of supply chain digitization.

Supply chain execution & visibility and the overall digitization & automation of supply chain processes is getting increased focus in India due to most directly shifts that began during the early months of the COVID outbreak. The unabated growth of e-Commerce and the resulting congestion at ports in Southeast Asia and India has made supply chain resiliency and agility a focus for even the smallest e-retailer. Unforeseen supply chain disruptions encompassing everything from severe weather to congested canals, is making end-to-end logistics visibility and execution even more important.

Blume Global focuses on providing more than just visibility to its customers. The firm offers the ability to not only see where their goods are with accurate predictions when they will arrive (ETA), in real time, anywhere in the world, but to also act quickly and decisively when there are issues in the supply chain. No other provider offers this `beyond visibility' service.
Blume Digital Operating Platform ­ The Only Cloud First, Industry-leading, Secure, API Enabled & Real-Time Platform
Blume Global is committed to an ethical, purpose-driven supply chain ecosystem and creating a more sustainable environment through providing an open, neutral platform across all trading partners. Blume Global's digital operating platform for supply chain execution enables a sustainable, more agile multimodal supply chain. As the speed of supply chain disruptions increases, Blume creates technology that allows stakeholders to plan, predict and adjust to keep goods flowing around the world. Some of the world's largest freight forwarders leverage Blume's digital operating platform which supports the demand for granular visibility and accurate ETAs. Direct connection to carriers enables Blume to provide near real-time updates to shipment status, schedules, routes, cancelations, rolled shipments and missed cut offs. Competitors in the marketplace cannot provide Blume's level of connectivity and visibility precision or extend beyond this visibility into logistics execution, Control Tower solutions that truly have an impact in the modern supply chain. As mentioned earlier, Blume Global is removing $1 trillion of waste from the global supply chain, making logistics processes more agile, dependable and sustainable with innovative execution and visibility solutions.

At blume global, valuing diverse opinions and cultivating knowledgeable, dedicated employees all over the world is how innovative and high value supply chain technology developed and supported

Blume India - Blume Global's Expansive Goals
Myriad companies have offices in Bangalore alone that are dedicated to those functions, providing the fuel for the technology side of many US-based businesses. Employees in India form the `offshore' office. However, there is no room for offshore thinking at a global logistics technology company. Blume India is much more than the R&D arm of Blume Global. The organization has worked hard to build, enable and run a cross-section of the Blume Global in Bangalore office, ensuring effective and efficient support in all aspects of the Blume mission from India. "Global trade knows no international boundaries. So, as a company, we need to have intelligent, savvy business development, marketing, R&D, operations and administration experts in Bangalore," shares Pervinder, with hope & determination in his tone.

At Blume Global, valuing diverse opinions and cultivating knowledgeable, dedicated employees all over the world is how innovative and high value supply chain technology developed and supported. The India team is an integral part of Blume Global. The group will continue to expand into new geographies while also improving its market share in current markets.

The firm is actively recruiting in Bangalore for employees that want to be part of a fast-paced team that is leading the way in innovative, supply chain and logistics technology initiatives, shaping the discourse around how supply chain leaders confront sustainability and the disruptions of tomorrow. People who value new ideas and processes over the normal way of doing things are welcomed with open arms at Blume India.

A Concrete Past & a Grand Journey Ahead
Incepted in 1994 as Rez-1, Blume Global initially used to provide asset management, billing, domestic reload and other services to the domestic railroad industry. The current leadership team assumed control in 2018 with an initial investment of $100 million. Using that funding, the team rewrote the existing software in Google Cloud as a microservice architecture with elastic scalability. This important step enabled the use of AI and optimization algorithms that were previously not feasible due to the cost. The user interface and mobile apps are updated, but since the operations began as Rez-1, Blume Global has data curated over the past 27 years.

Blume Global's experience in this space allows the firm to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, the firm can also quickly develop and deploy solutions that can be tailored to different markets, supporting fast time to value. With Blume Global's self on-boarding, companies can initially take advantage of free services including Blume Maps and CarrierGo, along with paid services including Blume Visibility and its digital operating platform. Blume Global's digital operating platform was named Top Supply Chain Project by Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2021. More so, Gartner recognized Blume Global for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms in its 2021 Magic Quadrant. The organization has set a benchmark in the global arena with a plethora of such titles and recognitions.

For the near future, Blume Global, as an R&D company, is committed to producing innovative supply chain solutions that meet evolving customer demands. "In this vein, we continue to improve our AI and optimization algorithms and user experience", adds Pervinder. Blume is constantly adding new locations, routes and schedules with a focus on SE Asia and Europe to South America and Africa. Blume already supports many routes to and from India.