Styledge: One Solution for the Entire E-Commerce Infrastructure

CIOReview Team | Thursday, 09 March 2017, 06:28 IST

The  e-commerce industry is projected to be worth 3.4 trillion US dollars in 2019. This growth can be attributed to escalation in the use of smart phones which has accelerated traffic on the internet, the discount models applied during festive season, and support from traditional logistics. These, in turn have increased the need for good e-commerce technology providers who provide reliable low-cost solutions to the vendors. Customers expect more from online retailers and want a personalized shopping experience across all channels namely online, social media, mobile with ease of access across all mediums like desktops and mobiles.

Based in Mumbai, Styledge emerges in the same concept and has made its platform in a manner that not only has an excellent user interface for desktops, but also for the mobile platform. The website platform and integrated courier service are the major solutions offered by Styledge. It also provides services as an e-commerce consultant giving proper consulting for photography, SMM, graphics, warehousing and more with features like ease of use, versatility, wide range of themes, marketing tools etc. Apart from that Styledge also has an IT solution for every need of a seller be it API integration or adding additional features to an e-commerce site to keep up with current market trends.

Styledge believes in constantly revamping their software as per market trends and requirements. Their software is customizable and can be molded according to one’s requirements. “The pricing and the model is a scalable one wherein established vendors can opt to automate their technical and management operations through Styledge. Even other sellers who are just starting out can test out the market with a low cost investment and not risk too much capital wise,” reveals Naomi Leon, Co-Founder and CEO, Styledge.

Styledge’s shipping and order management portal facilitates automation of delivering products to the customer. “Our shipping portal is a ‘one click’ solution such that with a click of a button the delivery boy will show up at your doorstep. We have ensured through SMS notification that our RTO percentage gets reduced, thus minimizing the losses of our clients and turning their business into a more profitable one,” expresses Naomi Leon.

Styledge also has a Multi-Vendor platform which allows multiple sellers to come under a common website. This gives consumers a wide product range while surfing on a single website. The platform has a really simple seller panel which enables individuals to host sellers and seamlessly carry on with the activities like uploading products, getting orders etc.

Managing an E-commerce website requires a business to invest in technical resources. Styledge has a team of people who aren’t only well-equipped on web aspects but also in the aspects of e-commerce technicalities thereby assisting owners in improving the efficiency of the existing business infrastructure.

Styledge aims to be a one-stop solution for the marketing worries. “Besides strengthening and automating the core products of website platform and logistics service – we aim at becoming a holistic in-house solution provider for other e-commerce related services like photography, graphic designs, marketing, warehousing etc. so that vendors get a truly one stop solution for the entire e-commerce infrastructure,” concludes Naomi.